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HD Guarantee – What Makes Us Different

Due to the success of the beauty and cosmetic industry, more and more companies are getting involved. This means there is more competition than ever, and it is harder to make a profit. However, at HD Aesthetic Technologies, we are dedicated to helping you make your mark on the beauty industry. We make it easy for you to implement our machines into your workplace, and reap the benefits. Find out more below.

HD Guarantee

We are proud to say that our machines are unique and give you the opportunity to implement multiple treatments. For example, our  NextGen HIFU and FemiWand machine allow you to offer clients two revolutionary non-surgical treatments, while our Multi-Tech and Dual 360 platform lets you perform up to 10 different treatments. We always ensure we have the latest equipment, so treatments are as effective and comfortable as possible for clients.

At HD Aesthetic Technologies we understand that purchasing a machine for your business is a big investment. Therefore, when you register interest in one of our machines, we always invite you to come for a demonstration and a free treatment so you can see whether it is right for you before deciding to invest. If you do decide to purchase a machine, we will give you free training at your convenience. You can either undergo training at our Head Office in Birmingham, or our staff can conduct training in your clinic.

With our machines, you get a manufacturer’s warranty for two years and manufacture liability insurance. We also offer treatments liability insurance with our machines. As well as this, when we develop new equipment, we give you the ability to upgrade rather than paying the full cost.


The benefits do not stop here. The HD difference is that we don’t stop helping you once you have purchased the machine. We offer constant telephone support, with therapists on hand to help you with the machines or when performing treatments. You will have access to our marketing materials which you can use to boost your business and grow your client base. We will offer you sales training so that your business can excel.

At HD Aesthetic Technologies we are incredibly passionate about our machines, and we care about our clients. We want your business to be successful and will be by your side to make sure this happens. Get in contact with us so you can grow your business and reach new heights!

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