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Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

At HD Aesthetic Technologies, we understand that it is difficult to know whether or not to invest in cosmetic equipment. This is why we invite our clients to come for demonstrations and free treatments, so that you can predict whether the equipment will be profitable for your business. However, we acknowledge that you will need assurance of success when it comes to implementing our equipment into your workplace.

ROI Calculator Featured

As a result of this, we have created a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator for your benefit. The purpose of a ROI Calculator is to show you the efficiency of your investment in our machines before you decide to purchase one. Generally, Return on Investment Calculators tells you the efficiency of your investment in a ratio or percentage. A high value means that your business will greatly benefit from the investment.

On the other hand, our Return on Investment Calculator shows you more information and helps you to predict the success of your business more accurately. It is very easy to use and takes less than a minute. First, you select the machine you are interested in, such as the HD Multi-Tech. Then you input the price you want to charge, and the number of treatments you aim to perform each week. The Return on Investment Calculator will then calculate your weekly income.

Calculate ROI

Furthermore, our ROI Calculator estimates the profit you will make in your first and second year of trading with the chosen machine. Finally, the Return on Investment Calculator establishes how long it will take to earn the value of the machine. It is important to note that our calculator factors in the price of consumables, meaning there are no costs that will detract from the profit calculations. As well as this, our calculator works out additional profit you can make from selling aftercare products, which is dependent on the number of treatments you aim to perform.

For example, imagine you are looking to invest in the Tri-Beam Ice Laser Hair Removal machine for £22,000. You want to perform 15 treatments a week at £100. When you input this into the calculator, it states that your weekly income will be £1,500. Furthermore, the calculator predicts that your first year profit will be £56,000, and the second year profit will be £78,000. As a result of this, it will take 15 weeks to make the money you spent on the Tri-Beam Ice.

Our ROI Calculator is a quick and easy way for you to determine whether our machines are right for you. At HD Aesthetic Technologies, we want you to be as confident and passionate as we are about our machines before you choose to invest. Get in touch with the HD Aesthetic Technologies team today so we can help you grow your business!

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