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Terms and Conditions

I agree that upon entering my details and placing an order that my order is non-refundable, and I am liable to pay 100% of any outstanding monies due on the invoice, and the total cost of my machine. I understand that if I choose to cancel my order after a deposit has been paid, I am still liable to pay the full amount of the invoice for the order that I placed. I understand that HD Aesthetic Technologies manufacture machines to order, and are bespoke to my requirements. I further understand that from time to time, orders may be delayed, and training dates may have to be changed through certain factors outside of the control of HD Aesthetic Technologies. HD Aesthetic Technologies does not hold any responsibility should this happen. I agree that half of the payment will be due upon the delivery of the equipment. In the unlikely event of cancelling my order, the full payment will be due within 7 days from when I cancel the order.

I agree that upon entering my details and requesting intellectual property assets, namely the videos and promotion material, I am liable to the full cost of the equipment and the videos should I decide to cancel my order. By entering my details, I confirm I understand this policy, and would like to pursue in requesting bespoke videos to be made in my company name, and promotional materials belonging to HD Aesthetic Technologies to be branded in my company name. I further agree that videos created for me by HD Aesthetic Technologies will remain the property of HD Aesthetic Technologies until full monies of the outstanding invoice have been paid.