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Tri-Beam Ice

The Tri-Beam Ice is an advanced multi-applicator technology for Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, and Carbon Facial Rejuvenation. We developed the Tri-Beam Ice with three things in mind; effectiveness, efficiency, and comfort.

The cooling feature ensures that the surface of the skin does not get too hot, and prevents superficial burns.

The HD Tri-Beam Ice uses diode technology to further reduce any pain or discomfort, and make treatments a pleasant experience for all.

By using multiple wavelengths, our Lasers are suitable for multiple areas of the body, as well as all skin types and hair colours.


Tri-Beam Ice

3 Treatments in 1

Our Technology

The laser hair removal applicator uses three wavelengths – Alexandrite, Pulse and nd:YAG. By combining them into one applicator, this means that we can easily adjust the settings to make the treatment most effective for your skin type and hair colour.

In addition to the laser hair removal applicator, the Tri-Beam Ice has two other applicators capable of additional treatments:

532nm (red front laser)
Treatment for red tattoo pigment (3-6 treatments required*)

1064nm (black front laser)
Treatment for blue, black, green pigment (3-6 treatments required*)
Spider/thread veins

1320nm (black front laser)
Carbon facial rejuvenation
Enlarged pores, dull skin
Carbon product can be used for facial rejuvenation.

Why choose Tri-Beam Ice?

  • One applicator, three different wave lengths
  • Sapphire tipped applicator
  • Integrated cooling technology for enhanced comfort
  • Finance options are available
  • Can run continuously and provide back to back treatments
  • Freezes down to -7 degrees
  • Perfect for use in clinics and salons
  • Recoup your investment in just ten treatments
  • 24/7 support
  • 5-year manufactures warranty
  • Training can be provided at your location
  • Includes two of days training and certification
  • Robust and durable design
  • Excellent after sales support and service
  • Powerful consumer press and celebrity backing
  • Work in one of our clinics, practising on real clients
  • Machine replaced within 48 hours in the event of breakdown

Training & Support

We want you to succeed, which is why we offer unrivalled training and support. Our technology is easy to use, and our training program will ensure that you feel confident in administering the treatments.

Our support extends further than training; we supply our machines with a marketing pack which contains everything you need to promote your new services

HD Aesthetic Technologies is a UK company, so if you ever run into any difficulties, we’re just a phone call away

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Training Staff

Potential Earnings (ROI)

This table shows the potential profit from offering laser hair removal. You set the price for your treatments. The price you set will vary depending on the location of your clinic and how you market the products, but we’ve calculated the ROI using a conservative average of £330 for full body hair removal. As a rule, between 8-12 sessions will be needed.

ROI Calculator
Nº of Sessions Total per week Total per year
1 £330 £17,160
4 £2,640 £137,280
8 £5,280 £274,560
12 £3,960 £205,920

Machine Prices

Machine Package
Tri-Beam Ice
Advanced Laser Technology
5-year warranty
Unrivalled support
Comprehensive training
Machine Package
Tri-Beam Ice
Advanced Laser Technology
Test the market
Unrivalled support
Comprehensive training


Machine Package
Tri-Beam Ice
Advanced Laser Technology
5-year warranty
Unrivalled support
Comprehensive training
Machine Package
Premium Listing
SEO Benefits
Review Widget
Marketing Benefits


What's Included?


  • 1 X Tri-Beam Ice
  • 1 X Operator Manual

PR & Marketing

  • Ongoing PR Campaign
  • Premium listing on Clinic Finder (worth £2000)
  • Marketing Disc with all imagery/ artwork for HD Lipo Freeze
  • Ongoing website / digital support
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Dedicated phone line open 6 days a week.
  • Refresher training
  • Training materials & booklets
  • Medical professionals available to answer any medical queries as and when they may arise.
  • Insurance for therapists and salons can be provided through our network partners.

Head Office Training

HD Lipo Head Office Training (Free & Unlimited Throughout 1st
Year of Purchase) Training will be included in the machine cost for up to 3  therapists. Additional therapists can be trained for reduced fees.


Additional Revenue

HD Lipo Freeze technology provides popular cosmetic treatments. The machines have a low running cost and have the potential to generate significant revenue.

When you buy or rent one of our machines you will also gain access to our aftercare products at wholesale prices. Aftercare products are recommended following most treatments, and selling our aftercare products to your clients can be a great additional source of revenue generation for your business.