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Ultrasound Science – Fat Melting

Both our HD Multi-Tech and Dual 360 machines come with an Ultrasound Applicator. This is ideal for treatments such as Ultrasound Cavitation and the Brazilian Bum-Lift. In this article, we are going to explore how ultrasound science allows you to perform effective fat loss treatments.

When you place the Ultrasound Applicator on the target area, it emits ultrasonic waves. These ultrasonic waves cause the cells within the skin to vibrate. For the majority of cells, this has minimal impact. If your client has tanned before an ultrasound treatment, then the skin cells may be sensitive to the ultrasonic waves. However, fat cells have a weak molecular structure, and break down as a result of the vibrations into liquid fat. The body can then remove this liquid fat the same way it removes other toxins and waste; through the lymphatic system.

Ultrasound Science

Although ultrasound science shows how this technology breaks down fat, your client may need multiple sessions to produce the desired results. This is because the cells in the target area can reabsorb the liquid fat. Most of the liquid fat is transported from the target area to the liver to be expelled from the body. A crucial factor to bear in mind is that if your client consumes alcohol, this prevents the fat from leaving the body. The liver will prioritise the breakdown and excretion of alcohol, meaning your body will not get rid of fat quickly.

Ultrasound technology used in cosmetic treatments such as Ultrasound Cavitation differs from the levels used in medical procedures like baby scans. Cosmetic ultrasound science involves more powerful ultrasonic waves that penetrate the outer layers of the skin and reach the subcutaneous layer beneath. When conducting an ultrasound treatment, you must place ultrasound gel on the skin of the target area. This prevents elements such as air bubbles from blocking the path of the ultrasonic waves, ensuring the procedure has maximum impact.

Ultrasound science ensures that treatments using the Ultrasound Applicator are safe and comfortable. Ultrasound Cavitation is particularly effective in regards to fat loss, and is referred to as ‘inch loss’ treatment.

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