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HD Aesthetic Technologies

High-definition cosmetic technology

Plasma Spark

Plasma Spark Pen

Affordable plasma pen device

HD Lipo Freeze Machine

Multi-Tech & Dual

Our machines offer 10 in 1 treatments* for clinics and salons.

HD Nano Machine

HD Nano Machine

Our innovative fat freezing micro technology for small businesses.

HIFU and FemiWand

HIFU & FemiWand

Two machines in one. Facelift and feminine tightening.

Tri-Beam Ice

Tri-Beam Ice

Market-leading hair removal technology

LED Mask


Cryotone is a new machine designed specifically for non-pinchable fat

Machine Sales

HD Aesthetic Technologies are the premium name in innovative cosmetic technology. We create products that provide an effective non-surgical approach to fat reduction, anti-ageing, and wellbeing.

We are passionate about helping our clients to achieve their goals with unrivalled technology, support, and value.

Over 50 clinics across the UK & Ireland are already using HD Aesthetic Technologies. Why not join them?


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